Posted: 2 months ago

Chreli Abano Plans to Open a Renewed Bath of King Erekle for the New Year

In Chreli Abano, reconstruction work has resumed. During a pandemic, work on the historic King Erekle Bath began, and the first visitor is expected in the New Year.

Guram Tediashvili, Commercial Director of Chreli Abano, told Business Partner that this is a historical monument, there are many issues in the working process that the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia should consider and there are some delays.

According to him, Chreli Abano (Eng: colorful bath) was the most popular among tourists among the historical sulfur baths. The main users of the facility are still foreigners, however, a few locals also visit the baths.

Activity is almost halved compared to the pre-pandemic period, however, the management of Chreli Abano is able to make a profit at the expense of reducing the margin and is able to retain employees as well as resume reconstruction work.

"Currently we have guests from Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. If not for the Russia-Ukraine war, we would have had many more tourists," Tediashvili said.

According to him, the company has also reduced prices to attract tourists.

The price of a room in Chreli Abano varies from 50 to 400 GEL per hour. According to the price, guests in the rooms have a swimming pool, sauna, and showers. There is also a premium class royal bath in the Chreli Abano.