Posted: 2 weeks ago

BBC writes about pilgrimage tourism in Georgia

BBC publishes an article about the Katskhi Pillar on its travel page, Priyanka Shankar, a journalist of an influential British publication, traveled to Georgia and shared her impressions of Imereti with the readers.

The article describes the Katskhi Pillar and monastery located in Chiatura municipality, which attracts numerous tourists.

''I had travelled 220km from Georgia's capital Tbilisi to visit this soaring stone structure. I'd long been fascinated by the famous Greek monasteries of Meteora – which are also precipitously built on natural rock pillars – and when I'd heard of an extraordinary church where daring monks climb to be closer to heaven, I knew I had to visit. Monks lived on top of the Katskhi Pillar for centuries; the last one only came down for good in 2015. Today, it's a pilgrimage site for many Orthodox Christians, as well as a tourist attraction for people who flock here to here to witness the nerve-jangling sight of monks dangling off the steep rock edge,'' reads the article. 

The article describes the life of the monks and the history of the restoration of the Katskhi Pillar Monastery.

You can read the full article at the link.