Posted: 1 week ago

Bakuriani Hotels are 70% -100% Booked, Prices Increased

The season has yet to begin in Bakuriani since the Mountain Resorts Development Company claims that there is insufficient snow in Bakuriani, causing the ropeways to only work partially.

The ropeways "Didveli" and "Kokhta" started operating, but not for skiing purposes. 

Nevertheless, the workload of hotels in Bakuriani is quite high and the hotel representatives do not feel the lack of tourists this season.

''Despite the insufficient snow in Bakuriani, due to which the ropeways are not operating, the number of tourists is high. Almost 70-80% of our hotel is full and we also have reservations. As you know, now is the most active period of rest, because children have vacations at this time. This time the parents take the children out mostly because of the fresh air, rather than for skiing. That's why we have customers at the resort,''The founder of the hotel "Crystal" told

The impact of the pandemic on the mountain resorts in terms of hotel prices is significant. Visitors say that the price has risen by about 20%.

"In previous years, ie before the pandemic, the price remained the same. Compared to last year, it has increased by 20% this season. January price is up to 120-250 GEL, while in February it is slightly reduced and the maximum is up to 200 GEL. Ana Chkhaidze told - the chairman of the "Panorama Passengers" partnership.