Posted: 2 months ago

ASA Astrosysteme to Upgrade Abastumani Observatory Telescope and Dome

The Austrian ASA Astrosysteme will supply the telescope and the dome to the National Astrophysical Observatory. This company was selected as the winner of the tender and now the contract signing procedures are underway.

In addition to ASA Astrosysteme, 3 other companies including German ASTELCo Systems, German APM Telescopes, and Italian Officina Stellare Spa participated in the procurement announced by the Municipal Development Fund.

It should be noted that the Municipal Development Fund, with the funding of the World Bank, also plans to set up a new technological and innovative digital science museum for the Abastumani Observatory.

According to the plan, the museum will be located on the first floor of the rehabilitated building and in the yard of the observatory. The 8 spaces will house a variety of astronomical expositions, both static as well as video and animated. Arranging a mini-planetarium is being considered in one of the spaces. The existing fountain will be transformed into an exhibition space.

The Foundation is currently conducting market research to prepare complete project documentation for this project. This study should identify stakeholders with similar experiences and the estimated cost of the purchase.