Posted: 3 months ago

AclassA TRAVELERS To Start A New Extreme Tours Across Georgia

Israeli Company, AclassA TRAVELERS is implementing new extreme tours in regard to the matter of tourism development. It involves both travel and rest.

This type of tourism is oriented upon the category of people across the world, who are seeking for wild journeys and extreme adventures in different areas. Georgia is the new country, which offers travelers its unique nature and mountains in the field of extreme tourism.

The presentation was held in Rustavi International Moto-park with regards to AclassA TRAVELERS, who presented tours and attractions.

The company brought in special cars from Israel for extreme tourists. The company owns extreme Jeep Cars, helicopters, and other special equipment. It invested more than 1 million USD already and according to this, the company will be able to offer a service to several tourists.

The tour will be lead by lorry vehicle, which transports one extreme Jeep. This is used as a reserve.

Israeli Company is planning to develop the types of extreme tourism, such as Jeep tours, alpinism, diving, parachuting, paraplanners, etc.

Extreme tours start from today generally in mountains. The prices are generated between 299 to 4999 USD.