Posted: 2 months ago

Touch22 is Offering a Prize Worth 5000 Euros for Startups

Touch Summit offers a new experience to the audience as part of the 2022 event. Startup Exhibition and Pitching will be held in Rustaveli Theater on December 7-8.

Within the framework of the exhibition, 30 startups will be selected, from which 10 selected startups will have the opportunity to present themselves to the Touch audience and the jury specially selected for pitching.

The jury will identify 3 startups, which will be presented on the main stage of Rustaveli.

From the three selected startups, the jury will choose 1 startup, which will be awarded a prize of 5000 euros, established by the Kettari Foundation.

The criteria for selecting startups are:

  1. To participate in the Startup Expo, the startup must be technological;
  2. It is a necessary requirement that the startup has an MVP (Minimum Viable Product);
  3. simplify or offer the market a way to completely solve the problem;
    to be innovative for the Georgian market;