Posted: 1 month ago

Terminal and Future Lab Join Forces to Boost the Georgian Startup Ecosystem

Co-working space Terminal and the startup ecosystem development company Future Lab have unveiled a collaborative program aimed at bolstering the startup landscape in Georgia. The partnership agreement was inked earlier today.

"Our collective endeavor will be to catalyze the evolution of Georgia's startup scene. Through Future Lab, Georgian startups can tap into investment capital, undergo training, secure partnerships, and make their mark in regional markets. Moreover, they will benefit from the rich expertise of UC Berkeley IBI and Silicon Valley, as well as insights from the founders of globally successful startups," stated Irakli Kashibadze, the founder of Future Lab.

Jino Dollini, the director at Terminal, shared that for the past six years, Terminal has been zealously crafting a conducive and adaptable environment for Georgian startups. She remarked, "Our alliance with Future Lab aims to turbocharge the growth of the startup ecosystem, attracting a wider pool of investors and consequently giving birth to fresh startup initiatives."

In addition to this, the architects of the program have declared plans to roll out a series of training sessions, workshops, and hackathons focused on artificial intelligence, green technologies, and other emerging sectors.

As per sources, groundwork for this initiative has already commenced, with a launch anticipated in the first quarter of the upcoming year.