Posted: 1 year ago

TBC Startup Decree has New Winners

The TBC Startup Decree program was created in 2018, and its goal is to promote and support innovative ideas of both TBC employees and startups in general. During this time, Startup Decree has put together a number of success stories.

This year, three teams won the Startup Decree, and TBC offers them a 6-month paid vacation and the opportunity to turn their innovative ideas into businesses.

Among the winners of this year's program were Giorgi Medzmariashvili and Davit Tsertsvadze with a platform created for gamers. LFG is a digital channel for gamers, where you can find teammates and participate in various tournaments for fun.

The winning startup idea of ​​Natia Jibladze and Nana Akhobadze involves the creation of the CX Hub platform, which is a customer experience management outsourcing system. The platform will help medium and large companies to measure and manage Customer Experience. Today, medium-sized businesses and in some cases even large companies do not have the financial resources/competence to create CX measurement systems and with the help of full-time employees take care of improving the customer experience. Consequently, some of them focus only on sales promotion and rarely use one-off studies that do not cover the full scope of CX measurement and management.

Alexander Mania and Levan Kokaia have been working in the same team for several years, sharing common visions, challenges and achievements. As a result of the gained experience and observation of the work processes, they saw that a process simplification tool was needed in order to conduct Agile activities more flexibly and effectively, which practically did not exist in the market at the moment. This is how the idea of ​​the digital product “SHARA” was born.

According to the participants, the promotion of startups and the acceleration of their success is a very important issue for the economic and technological development of the country.