Posted: 1 year ago

TBC Sponsored Mobile Wine Factory with €700 000 Investment

"Only Good Wines" is a new Georgian startup, which is a mobile wine factory. The project was implemented with the support of TBC Leasing and the factory was ensembled in Italy with an investment of 700,000 euros.

This model is adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs who do not have access to the latest technologies and cannot run their own factories due to limited financial or human resources.

The mobile plant can bottle 2,700 bottles per hour while providing the wines with bottling, labeling and corking.

Work on this project started one year ago and ended two months ago. The main supporter of its implementation is TBC Leasing, which helped the company both in the complete equipment and assembly of the factory, as well as in the logistical issues of transportation from Italy.

The mobile bottling factory is equipped with autonomous power and steam generators, air and nitrogen compressors, a water softening system and 2 pre-bottling sterile filtration units.

About 10 wineries have already benefited from the "Only Good Wines" service, however, the demand is growing and the company expects even more appeals in the fall.