Posted: 3 months ago

SpinCar is Rebranding- Company That Bought Georgian Startup Pulsar AI

SpinCar, the global automotive digital solutions company, will continue to operate under a new name - Impel (

The name change indicates the growth and development of the company, as well as the strengthening of the role of innovation in the field of retail in the automotive industry.

With the name change, the company is expanding its product offerings with the introduction of the F&I (Finance & Insurance) approach, which introduces another innovative product based on artificial intelligence in the industry that will help car dealers sell car-related financial and insurance products.

The presentation of this product was held at the 2022 NADA Exhibition in Las Vegas on March 11-13.

The new name of the company, Impel, means "driving force, stimulation" and this name expresses the essence of the company's mission:

"Over the past eight years, we have developed innovative technology solutions that have helped thousands of dealers, automakers, and markets create a more sophisticated and exciting car-buying experience.

"Our new name has a large-scale impact on the experience of the full range of customers in the automotive industry and underscores our company's continued aspiration to use the power and benefits of technology and data to advance the industry. We are proud that together with our partners and customers, we are creating a future of retail in the auto industry," said Devin Dali, CEO of Impel.