Posted: 4 years ago

Pulsar Obtains 1.2 million USD Investment at Silicon Valley

Georgian startup Pulsar has obtained 1.2 million USD investment from venture funds of Silicon Valley and private investors.

The company is to establish a dialogue automation technology on the US market and offer competition to the US-based players in various industries.

‘This is a major success in the field of Georgian startups. Pulsar is the first Georgian company that has attracted similar investments at Silicon Valley – 1.2 million USD. After this investment round, we have such investors as: Ridge Ventures, 122West VC, Great Oaks VC, US-based famous political advisor Mike Murphy, Great Oaks VC, Ten Eighty Capital and so on”, David Choladze, one of the founders of the startup, noted.

He and Zaal Gachechiladze founded Pulsar at the end of 2016. Today Sopo Chkoidze and George Arisson are also recorded among the company founders. Since its inception, the company works on development of artificial intelligence technologies.