Posted: 1 year ago

Kings International: Revolutionizing Online Olympiads for Teachers

Kings International is a technology startup that was created during the pandemic to help teachers conduct online Olympics. The company was presented at 500Georgia's Demo Day to investors and spectators. The lockdown due to the pandemic served as the catalyst for the creation of the platform.

The founders of Kings International, Irakli Vekua and Irakli Jinjikhadze, explained that with the switch to online learning during the pandemic, teachers were forced to use various online tools to continue their teaching process. This change in attitude towards online platforms led the founders to offer a platform that would simplify the process of conducting online Olympiads for teachers.

Kings International's platform allows teachers to organize the Olympiad without direct participation. Teachers only need to create a profile on the platform and register their students for the announced Olympiads. The rest of the process, including testing, grading, publishing results, and providing individual feedback to students, is automated. This simplifies the process for teachers, who often have to spend a significant amount of time and resources organizing similar competitions in their schools.

500 Georgia is part of 500 Global and operates in the Caucasus region in partnership with the Bank of Georgia and the Georgian Technology and Innovation Agency (GITA). The goals of 500 Georgia include strengthening the startup ecosystem, developing investment potential, and scaling startups in the global market.