Posted: 2 years ago

Innovative Startups in Georgia Pay around $2,500 Salaries to Software Developers

Startup companies in Georgia pay monthly salaries of GEL 2,500 on average, Avtandil Kasradze, chairman of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) noted.

Software developers, including at Georgian startups take salaries of around GEL 8,000 and this is one of the highest salaries in Georgia, Avtandil Kasradze told Business Partner.

“When discussing startups, the employment component is one of the key directions. In this regard, startups pay genuinely worthy salaries. Another important issue that I want to discuss with you is the scales of state intervention in developing startups. In Georgia, we finance startups in the early stages that no other countries do abroad. GITA prepares start projects for investors. This is a global practice. As soon as a private company enters the startup, the Government stops co-participation”, Avtandil Kasradze noted.