Posted: 2 years ago

'Honey from Lechkhumi' Develops Bee Tourism and Creates Innovative Services in the Region

The project of family beekeeping "Honey from Lechkhumi", which was submitted by Gvantsa and Giga Chabukiani at the GITA grant competition, won a grant of 100,000 GEL.

According to Gvantsa Chabukiani, the project will contribute to the development of their village and region. A beekeeping knowledge-sharing enterprise will be set up, as well as honey processing, packaging (in compliance with standards), creaming, and pine printing services.

"We will offer a service to local beekeepers that do not exist in our region. As part of the grant, we will equip the enterprise with the latest equipment and purchase off-road vehicles to provide the service. We will also develop bee tourism and work on creating innovative products that we will soon offer to customers.

At this point, we have completed the construction of the enterprise, we will soon gain recognition of the enterprise and will introduce the HACCP standards. With the help of GITA, our enterprise will serve the whole region, employ young people, teach beekeeping and strengthen the region," said the company's founder.

The products of "Honey from Lechkhumi" are sold throughout Georgia. beekeepers buy mother bees in the region. Honey is also a popular gift, which is in hand-embroidered packaging and is sent to almost every country in Europe.

"In the future, we plan to bring our products to the retail network. We also have high hopes that we will export and introduce Lechkhumi honey to the world," said Gvantsa Chabukiani.

The family of beekeepers produces about 4 tons of chestnut, acacia, alpine, and pine honey per year, as well as flower dust, bee milk, and other products. The business is the winner of many competitions or projects. Among them, was the Social Impact Award competition, where they initially received funding of $ 2000, and then were awarded 7,000 GEL.