Posted: 1 year ago

Hemsy Opened its First Store Introducing Healthy Snacks

The dried fruit company "Hemsy" opened its first store in Khashuri, where they will sell their following products: Chareuli, several types of fruit, berry, and citrus herbal teas, as well as dry fruit jams, confiture, walnuts, New Year's cookies, and other family products.

"Customers who come to us have the opportunity to taste the desired product and then buy it. In addition, there is a tea corner, where we offer customers tea tasting. I would like to note that tea has become the first and main leading product, and the demand is greater. As for the sauces, it is a new product and attracts the attention of customers, they like it very much. It is used in salads and various dishes," Sofia Goginashvili notes.

Five family members are involved in the business. Along with the expansion, the company plans to add an employee. Also, the placement of other entrepreneurs' products in the store will be considered in the future.

"As for the financial side, I didn't receive financing, I opened the store with my own funds, and I lease the space. The investment is not big, because we tried to do everything with our own hands, I took care of the interior myself, and painted the walls," says Sofia Goginashvili.

We remind you that "Hemsy" dried fruit and other products are made from raw Georgian fruits without sugar and without any additives. The company was established in Khashuri during the pandemic.