Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian startup Arena Games won AIBC's GameFi Pitch

Georgian technological startup Arena Games won GameFi Pitch, a startup competition held within AIBC, one of the world's largest conferences on artificial intelligence and blockchain, we read about it on the conference's website. The said conference was held in Malta and was attended by hundreds of guests and many international investors.

"At the time, we were creating traditional video games, but because we were a small company, we didn't have a big marketing budget. As a result, we ran into all the problems that plague small and medium-sized studios. At that time, we approached Web3 in order to offer a solution to this problem for the market", - this is how the operational director of Arena Games, Mari Giorgobiani, echoes the idea of ​​creating a startup.

For information, I would like to tell you that Arena Games is a Georgian technological startup, the main direction of which is the creation of video games with Web3 technology and the promotion of the transition from Web2 to Web3 for video game developers.