Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Game Mistcaller Published on Major Gaming Platform STEAM

Mistcaller, the new puzzle-platform game, is now available on Steam, developed by Georgian-based Onyx Wings Studio.

The game's plot follows a young girl with a unique ability to control a supernatural fog, searching for her missing brother. Throughout the game, players navigate through the fog, solving puzzles, and discovering family secrets to uncover the truth.

For the past two years, the team at Onyx Wings Studio have been working on the development of Mistcaller. "We have always been passionate about computer games and wanted to create a game that not only we would enjoy playing, but also others," says David Markozashvili, founder of Onyx Wings Studio. The game's creation process encountered challenges, including a shortage of personnel, lack of experience, and funding. However, during the pandemic, the team took the opportunity to focus more on the game's development, assembling a team to create high-quality art, gameplay, music, and content.

The team chose the puzzle-platform genre due to the game's shorter length and ease of creation, despite experiencing several difficulties during development. After participating in Shark Tank and receiving funding from GITA, the team finally succeeded in making Mistcaller available on Steam.