Posted: 2 years ago

Georgian AR startup made it to the Top 10 of Startup Wise Guys from 600 Applications

Georgian AR startup Cross Creators joined the Startup Wise Guys program of the international XR startup accelerator.

As the co-founder of the company, Ani Manjavidze, told Marketer, Cross Creators was among the selected startups from about 600 applications submitted to the XR accelerator. Startup Wise Guys is a B2B accelerator that supports XR startups with an intensive mentorship program in Tallinn, Tiga, Vilnius, Milan, Cosenza, as well as online for five months. The accelerator is focused on sales and scaling, along with sourcing, and over the next six months, helping startups close their next funding round.

Ani Manjavidze, co-founder of Cross Creators: "I was recommended to participate in Startup Wise Guys by American XR startup Amy Peck, whom I met in Georgia.

After a five-level selection stage, out of 600 applications, we were among the 10 selected startups. This acceleration is especially interesting for us because it is specifically calculated for our segment (I mean the XR direction).

Participation in Startup Wise Guys has a big role in further investments as well. In addition to being a huge validation for us in the XR world and beyond, it opens the road for us to increase our number of customers in different countries and conduct a successful fundraising round.”