Posted: 2 years ago

Georgian Application Trice - Multilingual Chat with Instant Translation Function

"Trice" is a simple means of communication, which, with the help of technology, instantly frees us from the natural barrier. To explain more clearly, "Trice" is an application with the function of chat, video and audio translation, ie the ability to speak in a language that everyone can understand.

"The idea to create trice came up while studying abroad, when we saw the demand for easy-to-understand and usable multilingual communication tools from foreign students. In addition, after the development of the prototype, we deserved the approval of people and companies working in different sectors of the market and the desire to see the final product, after which, we started working with all our energy, - explains Nino Kudava, co-founder of "Trice" at Marketer.

Nino Kudava answers marketer's questions regarding "Trice":

Nino, introduce our readers to the founders of "Trace". Tell us about yourself…

My co-founder and I, Judy Gabeskiria, graduated from high school in the United States, New York. I - in the fields of economics and mathematics, and Judy in the field of computer science and economics. Upon my return to Georgia, I continued to work in the banking sector with a focus on database automation and analytics, and Judy began working in New York for the technological development of the medical industry.

After the idea of "Trice" united us, we decided to take care of the development of the project together.

What problem does your app solve and how?

Our goal is to help individuals and companies overcome existing language barriers, increase productivity and operational efficiency. Therefore, we offer an open, easily accessible and information-based cloud technology mobile and web platform that includes chat, video and audio translation function.

Trice's concept and path is removing the boundaries of digital communication between people and bringing new, multilingual communication services to life in order to Simplify the daily life of the customer.

Currently, "Trice" offers customers a free multilingual chat functionality, which is available on Android and iOS devices - Nino Kudava.

As for the plans, how do you envision the future of the app?

In the future, we plan to introduce our platform in the medical industry as well, as we see high demand in the sector and at the same time understand how important it is for patients to receive and share information in the right way.

In addition, we think we have the potential for development outside Georgia. The integration of our platform with the largest systems or communication services on the market will help us to achieve this goal and allow us to further refine and improve our model and service with the experience gained with companies playing in the global market and customer data.