Posted: 4 years ago

First Georgian Internet Browser 'Stack' has been Launched

The first Georgian Internet browser Stack is already available for Georgian users.

According to the founders of Stack, the Windows version of the new product has been prepared in English and Georgian.

Startupers started working on the Georgian browser 18 months ago.

"In a market dominated by American Chrome and Firefox, the Norwegian Opera, and many other alternatives, many thought we could do nothing, but then we put up Stack on ProductHunt, a platform where different ideas can be put to the vote and it has been revealed by voting for the best project of the day.The idea of ​​the first Georgian browser turned out to be so interesting for the audience that we've received 1000 voted from Georgia in one hour. Product Hunt thought it was a bot attack, so we got blocked,''said Dachi Gubadze, one of the founders of Stack. 

According to him, Stack already already has more than 30,000 users in the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union countries.

The founders invested a total of 170 million euros in holding the Stack browser. Funding was mainly attracted in the form of grants.