Posted: 2 years ago

Family of Georgian YouTubers Creates Clothing Brand - Squad

Their names are well known in the Georgian YouTube world. Giorgi Danelia and Teona Chachua are reaching out to tens of thousands of people through their own YouTube channels.

And now, we will introduce you to their next venture - the clothing brand squad. through which the founders want to share their lifestyle and positive mood with consumers, in addition to free and different clothes. The startup of the family of YouTubers started operating today and users can purchase hoods online. 
Teona Chachua: Due to our activities, our daily life is very busy, therefore, from the beginning, as consumers, we had a demand for comfortable clothes. We believe that simply choosing clothes and wearing oversized clothes brings calm and productivity to our chaotic life, especially in the current situation. We liked many international brands in this direction, but we could not find anything to our taste in Georgia. Eventually, we decided to meet our request and created a squad.
Squad. is easy-to-wear is a brand based on the idea of ​​modern comfort. We want to make people's daily lives easier and more enjoyable. That is why we work on comfortable and modern designs at the same time and create high quality, unique shapes, and colors of Oversized Unisex clothing. A larger size means more freedom and comfort. This is our main value - comfort in ourselves and in relationships.

We do not limit our customers to a specific age, activity, or lifestyle. On the contrary, our charm lies in this - we are unisex, oversized, suitable for any situation and person. We are together and appreciate each other’s differences. The main thing that unites our customers is the desire to be comfortable and modern.