Posted: 1 year ago

Educational Startup Upway Offers Career Planning to the First 50 Registered

Upway's team along with invited field experts will help the first 50 registered select the right courses and plan their or their children’s development path.

The new Georgian startup Upway, which combines reliable online or offline courses in one space, was launched in January 2022 and already combines up to 200 courses in 6 categories. Upway is a space for curious people whose goal is to make it easier for people to learn new things. The uniqueness of the platform lies in its simplicity. At Upway, customers only need a few minutes to find, filter, and purchase the desired course.

On the other hand, the platform offers course providers all the administrative and marketing services necessary to communicate and register for the course - thus avoiding a lot of processes and saving resources. That's why Upway today has up to 40 leading partners in all directions.

Upway consumers have the opportunity to take advantage of special offers and activities aimed at simplifying the process of human self-development. The course on Upway does not exceed its original price and users do not have to pay extra when purchasing on the platform.

"The test period of a startup has taught us a lot and we have seen that very often we are asked for advice on career path development, as well as specific skills or children's circles. We have seen that people at different stages of life need help and guidance from experienced people. That's where the idea for this initiative came from. "

To get involved in the initiative, you will need to fill out a simple form. The Upway team will contact you shortly, find out your needs and contact you with an expert in the relevant field.