Posted: 2 years ago

Didge - Georgian Digital Platform for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs

Didge is a digital platform that simplifies the digitalization of business for small and medium entrepreneurs. 

CBW had an interview with the founder of the company, Sandro Okropiridze.

"We lack the resources of information presented on the Internet in terms of the Georgian market. Facing this problem on a daily basis, we came to the realization that it's time for a change. We want everyone to be able to present their work well online and make this information available to others."

As for the business forming process, Didge's approach is to speed up the process of creating the product as well as test the latter in a real environment with a customer who has to pay for the service. 

"Customers make the products. That is the reason why our services often change. We are constantly striving to make the content generation process intuitive and easy. Currently, we have a lot of beta versions, and users of our created websites."

Didge is one of the participants of the Pre-accelerator of Impact Hub.

"Impact Hub helps us in the development of the team, we receive interesting information that helps us in moving towards our goal. We want to make a professional site accessible. Customers who do not have material ready for the site can create content with us, then our contractor designers will refine it. We have samples tailored to different areas and the customer can choose the one they want. Anyone can get involved in the process without risk."

Sandro Okropiridze also told CBW about the working process.

"We have an experienced designer and developer in our team. We also train independent contractor UI designers who are willing to process customer material and give it a professional look."

"We work to create an intuitive system based on artificial intelligence that will have a conversation with the customer and generate relevant textual and visual content. With this, we are going to enter the international market."