Posted: 1 year ago

Ana Robakidze's Startup Theneo is in the Finals of the Theneo Golden Kitty Awards

The Georgian technology startup Theneo has advanced to the finals of the prestigious international startup competition, Golden Kitty Awards. This competition, organized by Product Hunt, a leading American platform for new products, is highly sought-after by startups, as it features evaluations in 24 different categories, including Artificial Intelligence where Theneo is participating. The founder of Theneo, Ana Robakidze, announced the news on social media.

It is worth noting that together with Theneo, among the finalists of the competition is the communication platform based on artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, which is reportedly valued at $29 billion. In addition, among the finalists we see another great platform based on artificial intelligence, Dall-E-2, which converts text into images.

Theneo is a platform based on artificial intelligence, which offers users to create quality and interactive API-documentation easily and quickly. At its core, API documentation is an instruction manual that makes it easier for applications to communicate with each other.

"For us, this competition and the fact that our product is equal to giants like ChatGPT and Dall-E is a validation that we are developing in the right direction. At the same time, this is a good signal for investors as well. However, the most important thing is that Product Hunt contests are of interest to our clients, and if we win this contest, Theneo will grow even more," says Ana Robakidze in a conversation with BM.GE.

To win the Golden Kitty Awards competition, Theneo must receive more votes than the other finalists in the Artificial Intelligence category. It is possible to vote for a Georgian startup on this link, from which you should go to the artificial intelligence (AI) category. Note that voting is possible until January 20.

We remind you that Theneo is one of the most successful Georgian startups, which was included in the YCombinator program of the world's largest startup accelerator last year. Also, last year, Theneo won PITCH organized by Web Summit, one of the world's leading startup competitions. According to last year's data, Theneo has attracted an investment of $1.5 million, and it is one of the main candidates for the symbolic title of the first Georgian "unicorn", that is, a private startup with a valuation of $1 billion.