Ambry is a Georgian startup that tests the reliability of cryptocurrency. More specifically, it is a blockchain analytics platform through which people, crypto companies, and banks can check and view any crypto address.

Recently, the startup decided to create a service in response to the current events in Ukraine, which would allow users to verify the addresses of crypto donations. Ambry co-founder Luka Lomsadze talked to MVP in more detail about this service.

''As we all know, the last few weeks have been extremely difficult for Ukraine. Ukrainians have always been very close to us - we have many local friends, colleagues, family members, etc. Moreover, the Ukrainian people have a special place in the crypto industry - the contribution they have made to building new fintech or crypto technologies is immeasurable. But, unfortunately, in order to defend our homeland, our colleagues had to put themselves next to their own computers and pick up the guns. The whole world came together to help this brave nation and we wanted to contribute to building a new future.

One of the most common ways to help Ukraine is with crypto donations, which the Ukrainian government announced during the first period of the war and published official donation cryptocurrencies. This was very good news, but unfortunately there appeared to be a lot of fraudulent cryptocurrencies, which at first glance are donations, however, in reality, the money transferred here falls into someone else's pocket and the sender of the donation is simply deceived. That is why we decided to create a simple service through which the user will be able to check how official the donation address is,'' said Luka Lomsadze at MVP. 

To do this, the user needs to enter the crypto address and if this is really the address issued by the Government of Ukraine, the user will see the corresponding page. In case the registered crypto address does not match the official address, then the user will be warned on a page where we will inform that there are no facts confirming the officiality of the given address.

As Luka explains, they saw that too many people were accidentally sending donations to the wrong address. That is why it was decided to create a similar product and Ambry hopes that this service will be of great help to those wishing to send a donation.