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Posted: 3 years ago

Interior Designer Kakha Kurtanidze: 70% of Orders are Made by Emigrants

In his interview for Business Partner, Chela Art Space founder Kakha Kurtanidze analyzed interior design prospects in Georgia.

The heavy situation in the country has damaged repair works business too. Consumers’ demand declined by around 30%, as a result of growing prices in the construction-repair market, he said.

“The majority of customers make an accent on affordable products, but today this is comparatively difficult, because the price of cheap materials has also increased. Despite this, we do our best to implement customer-oriented projects tailored, even if we have minimum benefits”, the Chela Art Space founder noted. As noted by the Interior Designer, the majority of the fulfilled projects are ordered by migrants (70%).

The company has implemented various projects on the international market too, for example in Greece, Italy, and Israel. Despite the global pandemic challenges, the company continues the development and implementation of new projects, including, the company's plans to implement a new project in Europe. In response to the question about interior design prospects in Georgia amid the declining solvency of population, Kurtanidze noted that this field has huge prospects and the demand for this direction grows. “When I started this business, the demand did not exist, because our services were perceived as luxury direction. This culture is established in the country gradually. In that period the demand was for only 3D graphics and design, while Chela Art Space introduced a full package starting from Black Frame and a full package of repair works – interior design, selection of furniture.

Thanks to similar services, customers stay away from the discomfort that accompanies repair works such as the selection of construction materials, purchase of materials, planning, and fulfillment of projects. We simplify the life for our customers because they stay away from discomfort related to repair works”, Kurtanidze noted. Chela Art Space launched an operation in 2013.