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Posted: 3 years ago

Demand for Land Plots in Suburbs of Tbilisi is Growing

Demand for land plots in the suburbs of Tbilisi is growing.

According to the report of the real estate consulting company Cushman & Wakefield, in 2020 there was a tendency to purchase land plots near Tbilisi and near Mtskheta, which may continue in 2021.

In general, the price per square meter of land is determined by its location. Cost is also affected by where it is located, how well developed the surrounding infrastructure is, and how well communications are provided - electricity, natural gas, water, etc.

According to the information requested from the real estate portal, the price of the land plot in the areas near Tbilisi looks like this:

(The minimum and maximum price per square meter)

  • Tskneti - from USD 16 to USD 556 
  • Saguramo - from USD 7 to USD 250 
  • Tsavkisi - from USD 14 to USD 300
  • Mtskheta - from USD 2 to USD 210
  • Kojori - from USD 11 to USD135

It is noteworthy that compared to the previous year, the price of land remains stable and it did not rise in price during the pandemic period. However, as already mentioned, the demand for land has increased and the trend will continue this year.