Posted: 3 weeks ago

Unusual is Usual - Dezerter Store Presents Photo Exhibition

Dezerter Store presents Gela Megrelidze's photo exhibition about Berlin and its unusual normalities.
The exhibition reflects a second-hand world where the usual is unusual.
"In the middle of the “Dezerters market", in the second-hand clothing store DEZERTER, against the background of trade counters, there are photos of Gela Megrelidze depicting a festive procession in Germany.

This is a kind of shock therapy or awakening gesture - the spectator who comes to see the used clothes will find himself in a very unusual environment.

The organizers of the exhibition seem to “benefit” from gathering the people who have already come for viewing and offer them additional viewing of the photos.

Gela's goal is different, he introduces us to the people, the citizens of the primary world - the Germans participating in the carnival costumes, very free and liberal, completely non-stereotypical carnival costumes. And he considers the society accustomed to "second-hand" as “deserting” and organizes an exhibition in an organic environment for them.

A properly composed concept of exhibition creates the status of a socio-cultural event, which will hopefully show us clearly why art is included in "Deserters Secondary.", the event announces.
The exhibition started on April 17th and will continue till May 1st.