Posted: 3 years ago

Untitled Gallery Presents PERVETSEX - Letter of a Soviet Citizen to Psychiatrist Bekhterev Vlogged

PERVERSEX is not a performance, neither a movie. It is a vlog. An actor is reading a piece of historic document in front of a camera, a letter of a Soviet citizen N. Polyakov to a psychiatrist Bekhterev.

The letter is an unique piece of text discovered by a historian Irina Roldugina.

This is how it became a juvenile blog. Its protagonist discloses details of his sexual life with exceptional openness, which can confuse, amaze, intrigue a hundred years past.

A century ago, having received a letter from citizen Polyakov, professor Bekhterev responded with only one word written on top of it — "Perversion".

Free Entrance
The film has English Subtitles

Project by Valery Pecheykin
With support of Heinrich Böll Foundation
Idea: Ira Roldugina

Alexander Pronkin
Mr. X
Mr. XL
Cameraman: Stepan Polivanov
Montage: Maxim Chuklinov
Music: Oleg Vasenin
Producer: Daria Artemova
Assistant: Natalia Kirillova
Costume designer: Polina Grechko
Make-up: Ekaterina Isakova

The film screening will be held in the frame of the project "untitled Archive" which you can see at Machabeli 17 every day until the end of September.