Posted: 7 months ago

Two Women Love Story - "Comets" by Tamar Shavgulidze to be Screened at Tbilisi Film Festival

"Comets" by Tamar Shavgulidze, which is about long-standing love story between two middle-aged women, will be screened at Tbilisi Film Festival. The film was premiered at Toronto Film Festival, in the section - "Debut" and now it prepares for European screenings.

The film was also nominated on Asia Pacific Screen Awards for the Best Screenwriting.

According to the TIFF review: "Even at a modest running length of 70 mins, Shavgulidze languorously let the past of two teenagers trickle into the narrative without frantically opening it up to establish the intensity of their torrid affair. She indulges in long pauses, aching silences and leisure moments to make aware of the characters, the conflict, and their boundless love."

As Tamar Shavgulidze noted, they made the film in 1 week. The main roles are played by Nino Kasradze and Keti Gegeshidze. 

"For us, it had crucial importance to be premiered on Toronto Film Festival. Now we have negotiations with other European festivals. Since the national screening does not interfere with other festivals, we decided to launch the film in Tbilisi too. This year, Tbilisi International Festival celebrates the 20th anniversary and for the film, Georgian audience is utterly important." noted Tekla Machavariani, producer of the film.

As Tekla stated, they don't think that screening the film will give rise to protests. As the rest of the films based on love story, this one is also against the violence.

Radio Liberty