Posted: 1 month ago

Thousand Secrets - Exhibition of Ruska Badriashvili

Thousand Secrets will be held at Patara Gallery from November 1st to December 21st.
"Scientists know that DREAM INCUBATION is easily possible when some simple technics are used. Content, main characters, or objects of a dream can be provoked by many things – scrolling through social media, a hard day at work, or a children's book illustration that suddenly pops up in our memories just seconds before we fall asleep. But what happens in a dream is a whole new surprise of unrelated, abstract, and unbelievable combinations of actions and things that are impossible to think of in a waking, materiel world. And there’s also such thing as Daydreaming, which is the stream of consciousness that detaches from current external tasks when attention drifts to a more personal and internal direction…
Ruska Badriashvili knows all this pretty well. She’s a MA in Social Psychiatry and Patara Gallery is presenting her first-ever solo show.", is noted in the description of the event.
Her drawings made with an ink pen on paper and then arranged as collages on the computer are results of dreams and daydreams. these drawings are built around one dream-like story, telling the viewer about the wanderer with manner and symbols that they think they've already seen or heard, which reminds them of eastern fairy-tales, or sometimes even their dreams.
“studying psyche is my job but also my hobby. Each drawing from THOUSAND SECRETS is my thought expressed out aloud to myself or other seekers. I don’t work in routine: sometimes I suddenly wake up, sometimes I just don’t go to sleep and draw my emotions that are alive at the moment. All symbols and objects are the fruit of my imagination, I try not to repeat any existing pattern and draw any detail by myself.
I’ve been working on these series for two and a half years and still, they are not finished yet. These drawings are projecting thoughts and questions of every explorer, emotions, choices, discoveries, plans. Some images come from my dreams, some are archetypical.
With these drawings, I try to connect conscious, unconscious, and higher consciousness. This is my try to reflect on the world, its illusions/delusions; understand who am I, where am I standing, and what role my Self is playing in inner and outer realities. Drawings are often a code that helps me find a solution to a personal problem. Same as dream-reading and interpretation, my drawings help me understand myself. That’s why the drawing process is so personal, so intimate for me.
Mirror and glass are both reflecting materials. Both for me represent a unifying concept: one is many and many in one…", noted Ruska.