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TBC Concept Flagship Hosts Vakho Khetaguri's Exhibition - "The Other Side of Mountains"

TBC Concept Flagship is hosting Vakho Khetaguri's exhibition "The Other Side of Mountains" at 7 Marjanishvili St.
In the summer of 2015 Georgia enacted a law in order to help the development of mountainous regions. The residents of such regions will receive social benefits, targeted assistance from the state budget, as well as advantages in managing businesses. Time will show whether this law will actually help stop the ongoing process of migration from the mountains. But for now, people in mountains live in extremely harsh conditions: in the majority of inhabited areas, there are no roads that will connect these areas to regional centers. Due to the small population and other problems many schools and healthcare centers have been abolished, villages are not supplied with products, and problems concerning heating are also quite severe. Because of heavy snow and the absence of roads, mountainous villages are often torn off from the rest of the world. The mountains, which historically had a special role in the defense and development of the country, are now left without a purpose. The population of the mountainous regions is disappearing and so are the unique traditions and lifestyles of the mountains.
Vakho Khetaguri Born in 1989, lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2012 he attended the series of lectures at Guram Tsibakhashvili Photography School and Workshops in 2013-2014: Documentary Photography Mentor: Justyna Mielnikewicz. He worked in Georgia for United Nations Children's Fund, National Geographic Magazine also other various media and personal projects.
Since 2012 has exhibited in ZurabTsereteli Museum of Modern Art (Tbilisi), Group exhibition (Poland, Krakow), Group exhibition, “Gallery container'' (Georgia, Tbilisi), Personal exhibition ''Children and Youth National Center'' (Georgia, Tbilisi), Personal exhibition “European House” (Georgia, Tbilisi), Group exhibition “TBC Gallery” (Georgia, Tbilisi), Group exhibition “Gallery Koppelmann” (Germany, Cologne), Group exhibition “Night of Photography“ (Georgia, Tbilisi Photo Festival), Personal exhibition “Tbilisi History museum” (Georgia, Tbilisi)
The exhibition will be opened till May 25.