Posted: 2 months ago

Rocko Iremashvili's Personal Exhibition - 'In These Noises' at Crosty Concept Store

CROSTY CONCEPT STORE presents its fifth personal exhibition, continuing its trend of highlighting Georgian talents with contemporary artist Rocko Iremashvili. His works have been presented in many local and international galleries.
His artworks are definitely unique with their characteristic mixed-technique nature and figurative features. Rocko often responds to political, public and religious issues with his creativity. His creations are like a tribune of protestors in this way. However, in recent works, the artist has distanced himself from all the above-mentioned areas and instead concentrated on personal depths and self-discovery.
It is important for him to find a topic and then express it through a new interpretation—to try and present it in its original form. The artist often shows us how harmless self-aware irony can be. Working with a variety of materials in different media is an important feature of his creativity.
He creates artworks on strong feelings for him by using numerous forms and sources of transmission: sculpture, figurative and non-figurative art, painting, animation, projection, video sculpture, and even performance of his own art project, in which he becomes the main character—this is Rocko Iremashvili's creative expression.

According to him, each idea requires specific materials in the process, which makes the working process even more interesting. He believes art is about listening to oneself and stripping one's own thoughts to their core. He talks about his own powerful issues through his art and creations.
The exhibition will feature works by Rocko from different periods of his career, all of which are united by the idea of ​​the existential essence of man. Self-discovery and self-knowledge, escaping from the superficial consciousness and gaining emotional freedom—this state stimulates creativity in him.
"The process is like writing an autobiography—your specific emotions, inspirations, environments—everything is reflected. Especially for works that are based on feelings rather than visuals."
Today, it is crucial for people to genuinely feel and realize the crisis of internal processes that take place in us every minute. Rocko Iremashvili's exhibition somehow serves to awaken our inner self, to open our eyes to this grotesque reality.
The exhibition will take place at Crosty concept store on April 1st and will continue till April 30th.