Posted: 2 years ago

Project Digital Museum in Gurjaani

Library and Museum Association started new project "Digital Museum" in Gurjaani, Kakheti.

As a curator of Gurjaani's museums, Eka Beroshvili noted, implementing project started on December 4th and it unites 2 parts. The first part intends to digitize exhibits of the museum. At this moment, 55 exhibits are already digitized in five museums of Gurjaani, but this is not the final number, she explains.

Second part involves the youth to be acquainted with the museums. "If you are not going to museums, museum will come to you" - this is the name of the part, which involves holding presentations about museums in schools.

"During the presentation, we discovered, that the majority of students have never been to museums and they do not have any information on this matter. We are doing our best to make presentations as interesting as possible, therefore, students will become attracted to the idea of going to the museum. If they won't think about going there, at least, the awareness of museums will be increased.", stated Beroshvili.

As she also declared, holding presentations and taking exhibits are planned on several cultural events.
The price of implementing the project and specifically digitizing exhibits was 1500 GEL.