Posted: 4 weeks ago

Melike Kara's Solo Exhibition - How She Shapes Us

Melike Kara's first solo exhibition will be held at LC Queisser gallery on Sunday, having already been part of a group show in 2018. Under the title HOW SHE SHAPES US, the Kurdish-German artist, who lives and works in Cologne, presents new works created for the exhibition.

Although the artist's primary medium is painting, she expands this in her exhibitions - incorporating the architecture of the space and responding to it with videos, sculptures, and installations.

The show’s title HOW SHE SHAPES US refers to the river Munzur, which meanders in her family's native homeland Dersim, a region with the highest percentage of people of the Alevi faith in Turkey. The river is a supplier, it "watches over the people," promotes culture and rites, and is at the core of the artist's interest.

She speaks of the Munzur as having "gently" shaped the culture of the Alevis over the centuries. At the same time, she responds to Georgia itself with this exhibition in Tbilisi.

Attendance is free.