Posted: 1 month ago

Karaman Kutateladze's Exhibition - Invisible Utopias in Art-Villa Garikula

Art-Villa Garikula presents the exhibition of Karaman Kutateladze's "Invisible Utopias" till February 25th. The series unites new paintings of the artist. 

The artist expresses his imagined horizons and landscapes emptied of people, in which each painting represents seeking the light, disappeared spaces in the invisible utopias, as the flag raised on the ruins of the avant-garde.

It is also worth mentioning that Karaman Kutateladze created Art-Villa with his own initiative, and now it is one of the best places for relaxation, solitude, and creative search. 

Due to the COVID-19 regulations, one can visit Karaman Kutateladze's exhibition till 25 February with pre-registration on Facebook page of Art-Villa Garikula.