Posted: 8 months ago

HP CUP to Hold in Georgia - Annual Hackathon in Silicon Valley Tbilisi

BTU obtained the right to hold annual HP Cup hackathon.

The decision of hackathon taking place in Tbilisi was made by the Middle East and Africa Regional Director for Vertical Industrial Solutions Jean-Marc Oliviero and Head of Government Relations Marcus Schwartz at the University of Business and Technology, which was achieved within the framework of the visit. 

The main theme of the hackathon implies creating visual data for environmental protection - 3D models and games, animation, infographics, virtual and broadened reality, interactive maps and other decisions, which participants will work on for 2 days.

"Participating in hackathon will be possible for chosen 20 best teams, who will use virtual reality equipment and working stations HP Z8, Z4 of the latest generation available in HP Lab.

The winner team will be revealed by jury, who will be awarded with HP Cup and special prize appointed by partner companies.

"Hackathon considers creating the final product. During the event, workshops and mentor sessions are held. Teams will hold Pitching, where the jury will reveal the winner. official partners of the hackathon are HP, Procredit Bank and Business Accelerator “Spark”.