Posted: 1 year ago

"Hem, Border, Limbo"- Patara Gallery Hosts Exhibition

Patara Gallery hosts the exhibition of Lola - "Hem, Border, Limbo" which opened on May 8th and will continue till May 29th.
"The antecedent, the boundary between complete whiteness and darkness, the immortal or mortal transparent, captive soul left with the feeling of lack of representation of salvation, which is the cause and result of physical dissociation, depersonalization, and confusion of self or other person.
Without catharsis, forgetfulness, and remembrance, the memory of death is imprinted in the untouchable unbroken realm with all-imperfect human blood and death gifted from the past.
In my work I speak of already existing and multifaceted characters or symbols that have not yet been given meaning. There is always a boundary and intersection between the physical and the abstract, inversely opposed to darkness and light; beauty and ugliness."
Gallery is open on Thursdays and Sundays, from 4 to 7pm.
Attendance is free.