Posted: 2 weeks ago

HEAVY ARMOUR- Merab Gugunashvili's Solo Show at Gallery 4710

Gallery 4710 presents Merab Gugunashvili's first solo show - ‘Heavy Armour.
The works presented at the exhibition are created around one theme. In terms of personal and shared experience, the artist questions the rules and norms set by society as to what it means to be a ‘man'.
The exhibition talks about the obligations and responsibilities that society imposes on people based on their gender.
The much-desired ‘masculinity’ is built on the many ‘musts’ dictated by society, and over time, these very pillars become the most fragile parts of the whole.
Merab Gugunashvili (1990) is a Georgian artist known to the public mainly for his ceramic works. The exhibition will feature works from a variety of mediums created specifically for his solo show over the past year.
The show will take place at Gallery 4710, and will start at 7 pm on Friday.