Posted: 7 months ago

Gino Freeport Fashion Outlet Opens in Tbilisi

 On the territory of Tbilisi Sea, Gino Freeport Fashion Outlet will be opened in Spring of 2020. Approximately, 76 shopping centers, restaurants and cafes will be set. 
Georgian party is engaged in negotiations with local and, simultaneously, international fashion brands. The project is implemented by British Freeport. At this moment, company holds 16 outlets, such as in France, Germany, Switzerland, Britain and also will lead Gino Freeport Fashion Outlet.
Freeport aims to turn this center not only into shopping place but also for entertaining, resting space. Outlet will be part of Gino Green City together with the aquapark and building hotel.
"We start the building process in March 2020. Working on the project is already finished. Now we are waiting for its approval from Tbilisi City Hall. We don't think that there will be any problem. Correspondingly, we will start building on time and we think, that the outlet will open in April 2021. Today, there is no Outlet in the Caucasus in the classical sense. As we examined the territories in Georgia, we understood, that Tbilisi Sea was the best way out - some distance away from city's populated area, but not far. As a result, we will get pretty good complex - shopping center, entertainment complex and a hotel. When the building process will be finished, Freeport will be the head of Outlet, which, in this field, is the prominent company.", noted Nodar Giorgadze, founder of Gino Holding.