Posted: 2 months ago

Georgian Hidden Symbols - Exhibition by Eto Gzirishvili at Fabrika

From November 23, Art Up | Street Gallery will open an exhibition of Georgian artist Eto Gzirishvili - "Georgian hidden symbols".
It will take place in Tbilisi exhibition boxes located in Fabrika's yard.
Eto is an illustrator and graphic designer. Creating book designs and illustrations are the main and the most exciting part of her occupation. At various times she has participated in local and international exhibitions and residences in Darmstadt, Berlin, and Munich (The comic Continent). Her works with the Georgian and foreign illustrators were exhibited in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Volkach, Tbilisi, Dusheti, Telavi, and other European cities.
"Georgian hidden symbols" represents a set of illustrations covering three pieces of work. The driving source appears to be the Georgian ancient symbols, cryptograms, cypher system of Proto - Georgian Alphabet, mostly remained on the tombstones, house facades, also, on the edge of “Qvevri” (clay vessel for wine making and storage ). The universal cosmological character of Proto- Georgian Alphabet is largely connected to the local traditional rituals.
"The artistic effort on my part is sufficiently based on the research books by Georgian researchers. Accordingly, through the complex study of shaping and stylistics of the alphabet features I put an artistic charge to the unity of symbols. In my effort I underlined the thematic and visual relation of the Proto - Alphabet features to the Universe, as reflected in the titles: ”The Red Memory”, “The Blue Universe”, “The Purple Cosmos”."
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