Posted: 1 month ago

Gallery N9 Hosts Exhibition - "Beyond the Heaven" by Saba Narimanishvili

Gallery N9 presents Georgian artist Saba Narimanishvili's solo exhibition "Beyond The Heaven".
The artist’s current exposition unites artworks on a religious basis. Given concept features middle age iconographic schemes, signs, and archetypal image symbols as they demonstrate subjective experience and deny perceiving time in a rectilineal way.
The narration of images is reduced to their fundamental forms, in a way that art is linked to the primary basis of artworks.
"According to fine arts, it has a close impact on a Georgian wall painting, which is sequentially expressed in a monumental, conditional, and decorative way.
It can briefly be said that Saba Narimanishvili’s fundamental idea of the artwork is exploration of time and space.

In general, artists' paintings always have the sense of untimeliness, which is defined in the creation of a specific space, images deny the existence of concrete time and are turned into the eternal dimension."
The exhibition will be held on May 19th, at 6 pm.