Posted: 2 weeks ago

Exhibition of Tamar Tali Toidze at Chardin Art Gallery

Chardin Art Gallery organized an exhibition of Tamar Tali Toidze a few days ago.
"I am not a person who is oriented on negative thoughts. I try to perceive everything positively and not to intensify the negative about any issue or event. Next to a positive atmosphere, melancholy is also felt, but the focused emphasis comes from a more strongly positive charge than the opposite.", noted the artist.

If prehistorical sculptures were depicted as deities, my figures try to break stereotypical frames, and their crumpled formes move to a more stylized version - the figure has a full and oval shape instead of distinct features. It is also related to the association with the world. they have a common idea of ​​presenting the negative in a positive way and it is manifested in forms and as a whole.", noted Tamar Tali Toidze.

She found it aesthetically pleasing and fascinating to place her sculptures next to the plants.

"It intensified the feelings indescribable to the language."