Posted: 1 year ago

Exhibition of Katerina Balakina aka "Xrenobl" to Take Place in Fabrika

From June 1, Art | Up - Street Gallery opens an exhibition of Katerina Balakina aka "Xrenobl" in Tbilisi, in Fabrika.

Katerina Balakina aka "Xrenobl" is an artist and an illustrator living in Estonia. She graduated from the British high school of Art and Design, currently, she is studying animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. She travels around Europe making funny illustrations based on portraits by Dürer, Van Dyke, Caravaggio, and others from art museums in Germany, Austria, and Russia.

“Information is the most important thing we can share with each other these days. My illustrations are not only my personal look at the famous paintings of the past but also stories about artists, milestones of their art biographies telling the viewers in a funny way.” - Katerina Balakina aka Xrenobl.

More information about Xrenobl’s work can be seen on Behance:

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