Posted: 1 year ago

Dissolution and Art House Gori Present Art Exhibit - House Plants

Dissolution and Art House Gori present House Plants with David Finestein and Irakli Tchrelashvili. The exhibit runs from July 9th till August 6th.
Throughout human civilization, people have been trying to master their environment. Whether through elaborate structures for habitation or domesticating animals and crops, people are trying to run from nature and mold their environment.
This project illustrates this concept by bringing agricultural crops, which have been bred by humans over many generations, completely into the built environment.
As many countries further urbanize in the 21st century, wheat also becomes a political commodity as securing grain supplies becomes more necessary as fewer people cultivate their own food. This, coupled with the War in Ukraine, has led to wheat shortages with many countries, including Georgia, restricting what exports to ensure sufficient domestic supply.
At the conclusion of the show, the wheat from the show will be made into bread and given away at Dissolution Gallery in Tbilisi.
Art House 2022 is carried out by the Gori Photographers Club and the Gori Municipality's program for promotion and financing of cultural events.