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Connections of Memory - Exhibition to Hold in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

On the 27th December 2020, a hybrid exhibition named, "Connections of Memory’’ will be held in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.
The Academy of Art has been one of the most important educational institutions in the Caucasus where significant art processes are going. The rectors of the Academy, who have been the principals in different periods of time, were the outstanding figures, working in different mediums and the active representatives of the art processes.

Their works, represented in one space, give the visitors the opportunity to observe them in chronological order, to follow their creative processes, in educational and creative aspects.
The goal of the exhibition is to find the artefacts of this cultural memory and to represent them in one space as different mediums.

At the exhibition, the contact works from the archive materials, and the digital versions will be presented.
Due to the pandemic, it was not possible to represent the contact works fully, but this is some prologue, that precedes the Academy’s 100 years anniversary activities.
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The Livestream of the exhibition will be translated on this page as well.
The curator of the event is Nino Gujabidze.