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Circe Hosts VR Dance Festival

Circe - Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre, in collaboration with MASH, presents the VR Dance Festival.
VR dance involves 5 performances by Israeli artists in 360-3D format:
1. “NARKIS”, Choreography and Performance: Iran Avni
2. "Castle", choreography and concept: Rachel Erdos
3. "Aliza", choreography: Ravid Abarbanel
4. "Sisypha", choreography: Yoram Karmi
5. “Toafot”, choreography: Ruby Edelman
The festival will take place on May 13, 14, and 15.

Registration is required to attend the event. To book the desired date and time, follow the link:
As an urban culture center, MASH is dedicated to promoting the art of dance and accessibility to professional dance in Israel and around the world. MASH specializes in the technological development of advanced platforms and infrastructures that support this mission.
During the height of the pandemic, we turned to virtual reality technology to support us in working toward our mission. We delved into the world of virtual reality dance and we are thrilled to share with you a very exciting new initiative, which presents a selection of Israeli dance works filmed using 360° technology to be viewed through a VR headset, providing a uniquely interactive performance-viewing experience. In this VR world, the spectator stands in the center of the stage surrounded by performers, sound, and, lighting, completely immersed in the dance.
We have grown to learn that next to its ability to document a dance work in a vivid way, the use of VR technology provides us with a whole new realm of dance, offering - literally - a new point of view through which we can experience dance and share it.
In response to this discovery, MASH is establishing an advanced VR studio for filming and editing artistic content in a 360-3D format, designed for viewing through VR headsets. Using unique programming that we have developed in collaboration with VR experts, the VR experience will allow the viewer to select from which angle they view the performance and to change their point of view at any moment. Through this effort, MASH aims to revolutionize the audience experience, both by making it more accessible to a variety of populations and by offering a uniquely interactive and immersive dance-viewing opportunity.
About Machol Shalem Dance House in Jerusalem (MASH):
For nearly two decades, Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) has served as an umbrella organization for independent dance artists in Jerusalem, first via a local community council, and later under the auspices of the Israeli Choreographers’ Association. MASH has hosted performances by numerous local and international artists, annual festivals, and choreography competitions, as it strives to establish and nurture a contemporary and professional culture center for the benefit of the Jerusalem public.
The project is supported by Tbilisi City Hall.
Project partner is Goethe-Institut Georgien.