Posted: 2 months ago

Awesome Ukraine - Event at Fabrika

Fabrika gives space to Ukrainian people on Sunday, April 1th. 
"On Sunday, April 17, at 13:00, Ukrainian friends of Fabrika are inviting you to spend a warm spring day in our courtyard where you will meet us, our friends, and fall in love with traditional Ukrainian cuisine, cocktails, handmade accessories, art , and plenty of beautiful thingies that cause immediate affection.
Fabrika is a place where creativity is highly valued, and we are always surrounded by like-minded individuals. We would not deviate from our path and our way, so, as a result, we decided to give our space to our Ukrainian friends, who will look after Fabrika for a day and become our hosts.
We'd love to see you making new friends and establishing exciting business relationships.
Please keep cash on hand in order to simplify the payment process for our dear friends.", says the event description.