Photo: Emil Ducke

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Artarea Hosts the Opening of Kolga Tbilisi Photo Week Today

TBC presents photo contest Kolga 2022. The cooperation between TBC and Kolga Tbilisi Photo is already 18 years old. Photo Week will open on May 6th.

Two exhibitions from the program will be hosted by TBC Concept Multifunctional Space. Kolga Tbilisi Photo supports the popularization of contemporary art and the development of young artists. Photo Week includes an international photo competition, invited exhibitions of contemporary and classical photography, and educational activities (workshops, seminars, portfolio discussions).

The opening ceremony of Tbilisi Umbrella Photo Week will be held on May 6 at 20:00 at Dodo Abashidze # 10, Artarea. The musical host of the ceremony will be the band Pitter J. Photo Week includes both exhibitions and awards in 5 nominations:

• Documentary series;

• Reporting;

• Conceptual photo project;

• One shot;

• One shot of mobile photography.

Photo Contest Umbrella 2022 participants will present works on various interesting topics: "Слава Украини" - group exhibition; "From the height of the mountains" - Devi Tarkhnishvili's archive; "Beyond the Mountain" - Vakho Khetaguri; "Observer with the outside eye" - Sandro Sulaberidze; "Another Soviet Man" - Guram Tikanadze and others.

To see the full program of Kolga 2022, visit the website.