Posted: 2 months ago

Angel Investor Network AXEL Hosts Another Investment Meeting

The best opportunity for Angel investors and tech startups to find each other - Axel will hold another investment meeting.

The next investment meeting of Axel, Georgia Angel Investors Network, will be held on Wednesday, March 30, at 7 pm and will be attended by selected startups and investors.

The general partners of the event are the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), Tegeta Holding, Grant Thornton, and Liberty Bank.

Axel's goal is to support the development of the Georgian technological startup ecosystem by facilitating smart money investments.

"We will do our best for the rapid growth and development of Axel, which in itself means investing smart money directly in Georgian technology startups. Many thanks to all the partners who are actively involved in the development of angel investment culture in Georgia," - says Guri Koiava, co-founder of Axel.

At this stage, Axel unites more than 50 Georgian and foreign Angel investors.

To introduce investment projects to member investors, the network holds monthly meetings where it invites 2 to 3 pre-selected technology startups to make a presentation.

Axel was founded in June 2021 and has already hosted two international summits. Within the framework of the events, about 40 international investors from Tbilisi visited the angelic investor networks of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Since December 2021, Axel has been a member of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN) and the EBAN Central and Eastern Europe Network (EBAN CEE).

Axel has a strategic partnership with Grant Thornton Georgia, which provides access to free consulting and legal services to startups and investors in Axel's portfolio.

Individual and syndicated investments through the network have already been made in several successful Georgian technology startups, including Theneo (YC W22). At this stage, work is underway on two more syndicated investments.

If you are interested, join Axel as an Angel Investor, fill out the form using the following link. If you are a startup and want to make a presentation to investors, fill out the application.